Execute Your Vision! One Page Business Plan Workbook™

"Success doesn't just happen. You have to plan for it!" - Anatole France

As a Transformational Business Coach, my mission is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with strategies that will help them develop and execute a plan to ensure lasting success for their business venture. Too many times I come across wonderful people with amazing ideas, products, or services... but no plan or strategy in place to ensure Sustainability, Profitability, Scalability, or Longevity!

You may be asking yourself the question, "Why do I need a one-page business plan? Is it REALLY that important?" I am glad you asked! Just like I mentioned before, a business plan, whether it is one page or multiple pages, helps you to make sure that what once was a HOBBY is now a VISION, and that VISION is now becoming a sustainable & profitable BUSINESS that has scalability and longevity. Also, a business plan enables potential investors to quickly understand your business idea.

That is why I decided to use my 25+ years of extensive knowledge and experience as an accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer, and small business development consultant to create "Execute Your Vision!" One Page Business Plan Workbook!™ In this workbook you will achieve the following:

  • Develop a solid vision and mission statement

  • Ensure profitability & scalability by setting financial goals for your business

  • Identify various ways to monetize your vision

  • Create a marketing strategy to achieve those goals

  • Address personal challenges that could affect the longevity of your business

  • Put it all together to Create Your One Page Business Plan

  • Bonus Materials: Checklist To Establish Business Credit

"There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true."

- Edwin Louis Cole

"Hello there! I am so excited that you have made the decision to purchase this workbook! My main goal for creating this workbook was to remove the stress and overwhelming feeling of developing a business plan and to simplify the process. Your Success Is My Commitment!" -Tracy Palmer, Transformational Business Coach

Besides being a Transformational Business Coach with many years of extensive knowledge and experience as an accountant, tax preparer, and small business development consultant, Tracy Palmer is also an an inspirational speaker, podcaster, author, and content creator. She is the owner of both Getting To The Root (GTTR) Network (online media network) and UBS Financial Wellness Services LLC.


"Tracy is a wonderful and inspiring coach. I have followed her and her journey for many years. She provided advice and direction that is specific to my needs. Also providing assignments to help better achieve the goal that I am trying to reach. I would recommend her services to others as she is very intuitive, informative, and loves to share her passion to build others." -Denyne Rush

"I found Tracy’s tools and advice very helpful. She provided a ton of guidance on implementing my goals. Our first meeting we discussed the program/services and she answered any questions. Also in that first meeting she made sure that I was aware of the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and that I saw myself ready. I feel like some people will just tell you all the pros and take advantage. She is not one of those people. She definitely made sure that I was ready to invest into myself and my future. She prepared and encouraged me when those obstacles, doubts, and fears came. I strongly recommend Tracy as a coach and her services." -Phyllesia Bennett

"I have gained so much from Tracy. She's a wonderful Mentor, Consultant, and Coach. Since the beginning, she has helped me gain traction on the development of my business by consulting me in how to handle my business finances, time management, and helped develop my process with client interaction and forms. I feel much more at ease and organized when it comes to operating my business." -Tanisha Pinex

Each section of this workbook contains fillable worksheets that will help you to focus on 4 key parts of your business venture:

Section One- Vision & Mission Statement: Here you will determine your future goals for your business, when you want to achieve those goals, identify who your target audience is, and how you can impact them. You will also identify the reason why the business exists.

Section Two- Making Your Business Profitable: Your objective will be to identify various ways to monetize, set your revenue goal, accurately price your services or products, determine your cost of goods sold (mainly for products), and create an operating budget.

Section Three- Creating A Marketing Strategy: In this section we will discuss ways to market your business using social media sites, email marketing campaigns, and several other marketing strategies. You will also learn how to create a personal and business biography.

Section Four- Addressing Personal Challenges: You will take a deeper look within yourself to point out your personal strengths & weaknesses, recognize pain points that may affect your business growth, and identify ways to overcome them by creating an "Overcoming Board."

Are you ready to "Execute Your Vision" and develop your One-Page Business Plan?

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